Flexifill Brushes

FLEXIFILL  is a truly ingenious design that allows complete choice to the car wash operator. A new type of brush mounting that allows the use of multimedia options, and multifill options. For example:

Mixed Brush – A true innovation in car wash brush functionality using POLYFOAM and POLYTEX in the same brush. No-scratch foam and super soft felt creating a silent and high performance brush with excellent cleaning power.

PolyTex – A high performance needlefelt material with low water absorbency, excellent cleaning characteristics and a super polishing finish.

PolyMousse – The ultimate in soft gentle washing power. This expanded polyethylene foam product will not mark cars and allows shine to be maintained.

FinishTex – An exclusive material for specifically removing the last droplets of water from the car after the dryers have done their job. Gives a shine like no other.

SoftDryCar Dry-It – Two synthetic fibres woven together to give an extremely large surface area. May be used as an alternative to FINISHTEX with the added benefit of being detachable and washable at high temperatures enabling hydrocarbon deposits to be effectively removed, and absorbency to be maintained. May also be machine dryed.

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